A Couple Weeks Without Internet at Home

A lot has been going on as 2016 has turned over to 2017. The biggest news is the purchase of a new house. It is a fixer-upper, and a lot of fixing has occurred since closing at the end of the year. That has been taking up most of my disposable time.

But another interesting thing happened. One of my Christmas gifts to my significant other is that I was going to pay for the internet. She was tired of having to negotiate with the cable company, so I told her to cancel the service and I’d set it up and pay the bill. I thought it would be relatively seamless, but it was a process that included 2 weeks of no internet at the house.

In a way I was looking forward to the downtime. The internet is great, but it’s also a huge time suck. I know I waste a lot of time trolling blogs, forums, and YouTube. Plus there is the ever present work email to drive me nuts and waste time. I figured that cutting the cord would equate to more reading and writing. I also thought I would leave the house earlier since I wouldn’t spend time in the morning screwing around on the internet.

I was sort of right. I did have a few productive evenings working on articles for my affiliate website, and work product for my law firm. It wasn’t the renaissance I would have hoped for, but I did a fair amount of both reading and writing.

Oddly enough I got to the office at the same time (or later) than I usually would. Instead of browsing the web I read magazines over coffee. I guess people still found ways to waste time before the internet. Go figure.

It was an interesting little experiment, but I’m glad to have the internet back. I do enjoy a number of blogs, and my online business suffered a microscopic amount. Being able to answer work emails after hours means I won’t spend as much time at the office chipping away at email. Presumably that means I’ll be more productive. Who knows.

Still, if I had to do this again I would. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Life goes on without internet at home. It’s a necessary evil for work, a great resource for the disciplined and intellectually curious, but mostly a waste of time.

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